Monday, March 27, 2006

Stephen Colbert and the WBC

by F.J. Delgado

Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite personalities on Comedy Central, quality cable programming that has brought us such great works of comedic art such as Chappelle's Show and The Daily Show.

The Colbert Report recently blasted the U.S. baseball team's failure to advance in the recently concluded World Baseball Classic. Part of the U.S. meltdown was losing to Team Canada, which beat the U.S. 8-6.

It was Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Adam Loewen who shut out the U.S. for more than three innings and helped embarrass the Yankee-dominated starting lineup. Loewen pitched for the Frederick Keys last season, and Colbert highlighted this fact quite humorously toward the end of his bit.

I'll be reporting on the Keys during the 2006 Season as part of my new gig working for The Orioles Hangout. Loewen won't be there in 2006, but you never know who the next Orioles badass may be...

Check out the Colbert Report WBC clip here. (click on the clip marked "Baseball")

Funny stuff.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The New and Improved Orioles Hangout

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sammy Sosa Update

The awful, selfish Sammy Sosa has likely ended his baseball career. (ESPN article)

In a well-deserved display of public humiliation and shame, Sosa was widely reported to have considered a meager $500,000 non-guaranteed contract from the Washington Nationals.

I find all of this amusing, because, as of this moment, now the Baltimore Orioles have become an answer to a future sports trivia question:

What was the last team that steroid-injecting Sammy Sosa played for? ...

Friday, December 30, 2005

R.I.P Elrod Hendricks

Elrod Hendricks passed away last week. His death is really sad for all Orioles fans, and all of Baltimore.

His funeral was held today at The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, a Roman Catholic Church off of Charles Street in Baltimore, MD. I attended Midnight Mass there on Christmas.

All of the Oriole greats were in attendance, but only Melvin Mora of the current team made an important Oriole and beautiful person - Elrod - a priority in his life.

I'll never forget chatting with Elrod in the right field bleachers next to the bullpen the only time I had a chance to speak with him. It was probably in 1999. I asked him what he thought the differences were between today's pitchers, and the hurlers of his day. As always, he gave a candid, but classy response.

What an end to the worst season and year in all of Orioles history.

the AP story on an Oriole great

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sweeping changes in the Orioles front office

Here is a good article on the rather drastic changes which have occured after Mike Flanagan was given more outward authority in the Baltimore Orioles front office. This could be the start, hopefully, of a successful offseason in the free agent market.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Best Orioles news in two years: Mazzone to the O's

Leo Mazzone has accepted a contract, in principle, to become the next pitching coach of the Baltimore Orioles.

ESSENTIAL READING: an outstanding essay written by former Baltimore Colt Bill Curry (Johnny Unitas' center) about what a talent Mazzone is, and how Baltimore is a great sports town.

Atlanta has asked for a prospect in return, but this is a non-issue, as the Orioles can wait until Nov. 15 (when Mazzone's contract expires) to formally sign him. Confirming rumors and inside information that he would come to Baltimore to help his best friend, manager Sam Perlozzo, this move is the best signing since the acquisition of Miguel Tejada in free agency in December 2003.

The New York Yankees desperately wanted Mazzone as their pitching coach, and were in negotiations with him as well. Apparently, they were never a serious contender.

Under Mazzone, the Atlanta Braves have had the number one or number two league ERA, excepting two seasons, in every year since 1992. They finished first in league ERA last year. The Mike Flanagan-led front office has gotten off to a blazing start, as free agent pitchers have expressed a desire to work with Mazzone, leading to the possible signings of A.J. Burnett or Kevin Millwood.

In other words, the Orioles will have the best pitching coach in all of baseball.

Look for young, talented pitchers like Daniel Cabrera and Erik Bedard to really improve next season.

Hopefully this is the start of the most drastically successful winter since before the 1996 season.

Official Orioles Mazzone news release